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Boycott Isolator Fitness for Its Ongoing Partnership With Bowmar Fitness

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Recent weeks have seen countless news stories featuring fitness guru and avid hunter Josh Bowmar. He traveled to northern Alberta, where he killed a black bear using a spear, after baiting it with garbage and food. The bear staggered away in pain for several dozen yards, and the province of Alberta is moving swiftly to outlaw the particularly gruesome hunting practice utilized by Josh Bowmar in the video.

Josh and Sarah Bowmar have published many videos on their YouTube channel and various sites that indicate the only thing they love more than constantly working out is killing wild animals. Their business focuses are not only on fitness and nutrition, but also on pursuing a place in the lucrative professional hunting industry. As a result of public anger over the bear spearing video and other videos, Under Armour severed its professional ties with Sarah Bowmar. They did the right thing as a company.

Josh and Sarah Bowmar still own and operate Bowmar Fitness, a business in which they sell a number of nutrition plans and supplements. On their business site, they sell memberships online to get generalized or personalized nutrition plans. On the Bowmar Fitness website, it is clear that all these plans are facilitated and made available on the linked website for Isolator Fitness.

We have made repeated attempts to convince Isolator Fitness to cut their "partnership" (they insisted we not say "sponsorship") with Bowmar Fitness. Shane Alderman of Isolator Fitness indicated that anyone is free to link to their website and that there was no deep connection between Isolator Fitness and the Bowmars. This is obviously not true, given that the Bowmars state that those buying Isolator Fitness nutrition plans through the Bowmars get a 10% discount. Mr. Alderman also stated that Isolator Fitness stands by the Bowmars and will not condemn their hunting activities, nor demand that the Bowmars remove links to Isolator Fitness from their Bowmar Fitness site.

Most recently, Mr. Alderman referred to the authors of this petition as "terrorists" and stated, "Isolator Fitness has been friends with the Bowmars for some time - and this is what counts."

Isolator Fitness has made it very clear that their corporate principles and standards are to support trophy hunting, and they have no intention of behaving ethically. Therefore, we call on all signatories to spread this petition and negative publicity about the ties between the Bowmars and Isolator Fitness. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Email, text, call, and do whatever it takes to make it clear to your friends, your family, online contacts, and -- most importantly -- to Isolator Fitness that it's not ethical or principled to stand by Bowmar Fitness.

We tried diplomatic means to change Isolator Fitness' policy. It didn't work. Time for a change in tactics, friends.

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