Boycott Disney and subsidiary ABC for firing Roseanne! Roseanne apologized - here it is!

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Roseanne Barr made a reprehensible comment about Valerie Jarret who was a chief advisor to President Obama and she followed it promptly with a heartfelt apology which was rejected by Disney/ABC. It's true that Roseanne has come out with distasteful and offensive comments/tweets in the past but she is an artist and those offensive utterances, if one were to interpret, reflect wacky impulses and are more like the outbursts of someone with Tourettes as opposed to someone who truly harbors racist views. Both Roseanne and her show are very strongly for progressive ideals in terms of minorities' rights and the inclusion of people with different sexual mores. She has been a civil rights warrior all her life!  On the other hand, others in the public eye, have made offensive comments and survived with an apology. Recently, Samantha Bee made a reprehensible comment about Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Trump. TBS, who hosts Samantha's show accepted her apology and is not firing Samantha. Samantha's comment was scripted and was aired on her program and Roseanne's remark was tweeted at 2 AM, according to Roseanne, under the influence of Ambien,  a legal drug, which she needed presumably to get some sleep, because of the grueling pressures of her show. Ambien is a mind altering drug and was an acceptable defense to one of the Kennedy's when she ran her car off the road under it's influence. Additionally, an apology was accepted by ABC/Disney when it came to Joy Behar who recently offended the religious beliefs of 10's of millions of people when she called those who get messages from Jesus "mentally ill"! How come the Disney/ABC corporate guillotine didn't come down hard on Behar's head??? The answer is that Disney and ABC are hypocritical cowards who fear the Fascist Left! The Left and Disney/ABC have no heart to forgive some people's transgressions if they are on the 'wrong' side of the political divide while favoring those with the Leftist carrying card. This is a shameful double standard!