That Auckland Pride allow Police to march in the parade in full uniform.

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It's time to call for a boycott of the Auckland Pride Parade.

We are calling for this because we, as LGBT people, are sick and tired of a small minority holding the parade hostage and pushing an extreme political agenda. Enough is enough. It's time to stand up as a community and say no. Otherwise, they will continue to bully our community and use us as a prop to push their agenda. They don't represent us - and it's time to remind them of that.

Let the Police march in the parade. Let Corrections march in the Parade. Let people with different views in the community march in the Parade.

We will not be taking part until Pride understands that with this action, they no longer represent the community, simply their own agenda, and we will not be party to it.

The Parade is funded with public money - and those that serve the public, our Corrections staff and Police officers, should be able to show their pride in a publicly funded Parade.

Sign the petition. Let that small group know that we will no longer be bullied.

Allow the Police and Corrections to march in the Auckland Pride Parade.