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Before the 2017/18 bowling season commences, I'd like to propose a change to the existing dress code, more specifically the rules regarding skirt length. I, and many other female bowlers I know, have had issues with the current dress code. I've even had conflicts concerning the length of my skirt that became far more serious than needed be and have taken the fun and amusement out of several tournaments I have participated in(pictures being taken of myself without my consent, etc.). By all means do I understand that there must be a dress code in place. The tournaments are formal, therefore formal dress is needed. However, I do believe the current policy needs to be modified. According the the MAUSBCYA website, "Bowlers MUST WEAR a center or league issued shirt, collared shirt, USBC youth jersey, mock collared shirt or USBC apparel, slacks, jeans with NO holes WORN at the waist, shorts or skirts (2 inches above the knee maximum), and NO headgear (unless medically necessary with a doctor's note). All bowlers must meet the requirements of USBC rule 301B Youth." While most of the listed requirements are reasonable, the "two inches above the knee maximum," in regards to shorts and skirts can easily become unreachable. As a female, I find it very difficult to find bowling skorts as it is, let alone ones that fall just *two inches* above my knee. And pants are too restricting with my form. So, I'd like to offer a modified dress code. I purpose the skirt dress code be adjusted to finger tip length. National tournaments, such as Junior Gold, have adopted this dress code, so why not Massachusetts? It is far more obtainable than the current code and can suite many body types. I love bowling and I hope many other girls fall in love with the game as well. But with a dress code that is restricting and can cause issues, tournaments can become dreadful. I'd know, I've been through it many times. Girls should not have to worry that their skirt will get them disqualified and will stir up problems. Tournaments should be filled with fun and friendly competition. So, thank you for reading and please sign my petition! Finger tip length will bring ease to the skirt situation for all body types!

Link to current MAUSBCYA dress code:


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