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Eliminate the 2% dock on grades at Bournemouth University

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Students at Bournemouth University are being docked 2% on their final grade per seminar or lecture they miss and 1% for every session they are over 10 minutes late for. Students have voiced their concerns and this petition is to take action further to get the rule eliminated. This rule has been added only this year and has had a very negative response from the majority of students at Bournemouth University; even those who are not directly effected by the new system. 

We as students believe that the reasons for the docked marks are not enough to justify their actions against students who miss lessons. For example, if a student misses a lecture or seminar for a reason relating to mental health, they are required to attend counselling or something of the equivalent even though this may not be the best action for everyone and sometimes is just a result of stress and as you may know, mental health affects many students.

If a student catches an illness which, although could get in the way of them attending university, can be self medicated; the university still requires a doctors note to take the time off  which wastes GP's time which is the last thing the NHS needs. 

The Multimedia Journalism faculty has explained that the reason for the dock is to encourage students to attend so that they get better grade - however this is contradicted by punishing those students who, although work hard, may not be able to make it to every single lecture or seminar and is in fact adding to the problem of low grades. We understand that students often don't attend lessons on a regular basis, however this rule affects those who miss lessons occasionally for reasons which although are perfectly reasonable, are hard to get mitigating circumstances for. 

Lecturers say they wish to replicate the workplace, but ask for doctors notes every time we are sick or cannot make it to a lecture. This does not replicate a professional environment. 

This new system is contradictory, unnecessary and quite frankly a big pain. 

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