Bottle Free Concordia

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Concordia is recognized as a non-reusable water bottle free campus however, this is a false claim. Many retail outlets and shops on our campus still sell bottled water.

This petition is a call to remove the entirety of all bottled water sold on campus in places like Java U, Subway, and many other restaurants operating on campus. Single use plastic water bottles are an unnecessary use of plastic that turns water into a commodity when in reality, it is not something to be sold anywhere. It is a human right to have free, clean, drinking water. Concordia’s campuses have copious amounts of drinking fountains and bottle filling stations. We believe there is no reason for any affiliated restaurants, cafes or shops doing business on our campus to be selling bottled water.

The removal of water bottles from vending machines is not enough. Concordia is a large University and is responsible to do everything in its power to reduce waste in and around campus. Completely ridding the campus of plastic water bottles is a step in the right direction. 

As students, we believe it is our responsibility to incite change. We call upon Concordia University's president and vice-chancellor, Alan Shepard to see this idea into fruition.