To stop suspensionof 60+ oyster card and freedom pass 5 have signed. Let’s get to 60000

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To stop suspensionof 60+ oyster card and freedom pass.

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Rehana Shah started this petition to Boris Johnson(Prime Minister) and 3 others
It is extremely painful to see the 60+ being targeted once again by the government with the decision to temporarily suspend free travel for Freedom Pass and 60-plus Oystercard holders at peak times (6:30am to 9:30am and 16:00-19:00). The decision penalises some of the most vulnerable older Londoners who do not want to use public transport at peak times and don’t have a choice.  We support public transport at peak times in order to protect the health of older people and the health of others. 

London already has the highest pensioner poverty rate in the country and these changes will impact overwhelming on majority of older people who travel at peak time.   Our concerns about 60+ are:

• Cannot walk long distance or cycle due to frailty or a physical impairments are on low income, pension.
• Need to travel at peak times to get to a medical appointment (e.g. a hospital appointment at 9:30 requiring journey to start at 8:30).
• May not have a suitable computer or good internet connection at home and are therefore less able to work from home.
• They are a carer for an older parent, child or grandchild.
• Cannot afford to take a taxi or minicab.
• May only be able to shop during the supermarket priority hours (which are during peak times)!

We all want London to recover it is important to recognise that these changes will impact hugely on the 60+.  We strongly urge the government to stop this action and prevent the 60+ from being targeted yet again.

I appeal to you to help stop Boris Johnson rob the aged and vulnerable as soon as possible.  Those whose contributions in establishing the UK has been immense are now suffering in poverty and more is being taken away leaving them with pittance, starved and hard up.