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Stop the U​.​K. from exporting its plastic waste

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Stop the UK exporting plastic waste to poorer countries!

The U.K. currently is the second largest exporter of plastic waste to poorer countries. Since we have exited the EU, we no longer are bound by their rules. They have banned export of plastic waste from 1 January 2021 however the U.K. hasn’t. This isn’t okay - please join me in doing something about it.

I am 9 and I am learning about plastic pollution in school at the moment. I have always loved the oceans and want to be a marine biologist or ecologist when I am older. I would like to help the planet and save the beautiful fish, plants and wildlife. It makes me feel extremely sad that plastic ends up in the ocean and causes so much harm. I read about our country exporting all this plastic waste and had to do something about it! Please help me make a change.

The plastic that is exported often ends up in the ocean damaging and polluting the ecosystems of our planet. It is also burnt or ends up as landfill waste. We should be looking into sustainable alternatives to single plastic use in the U.K. and working on our own recycling capabilities. It is not okay that this is the way we behave, asking poorer countries to take our waste. We have a planet to look after together. 

I have looked up some more facts: Britain exports about two-thirds of its plastic waste. In 2020 the UK shipped 7,133 metric tonnes of waste to countries including Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. This isn't fair or right - and we must stop this practice now.

Please sign the petition to show your support and get this decision changed by our Government immediately and pass this petition on to your friends and family to sign too. 

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