Save UK theatres

Save UK theatres

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The UK theatre industry has been struggling for a few years now, but even more so recently during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to theatres across the country having to close their doors, with no real idea of when Live performances can resume.

The government have failed to fund the theatre industry, and have ignored our calls for help. Theatres will not survive if nothing changes soon, leaving millions of actors across the country permanently unemployed. Everyday actors across the country are fearing that they will not have a job to return to, and whilst the theatres are dying, the government is sitting back and watching our boat sink. 

The UK NEEDS THEATRE. Every year, the theatre industry contributes up to 10 billion to the British economy, where as football only contributes roughly 2 billion, yet the government have allowed matches to resume and are funding football.

 The arts are often looked down upon, and are seen as useless and non essential in the eyes of the government, but this is not the case, theatre is our voice, our way to connect with the audience and is a form of education, as well as contributing massively to the economy, as mentioned above.

We as performers are watching our whole world come crashing and burning down, we are watching theatres close and actors, directors, front of house, technical and lighting workers being made redundant.