Nail bars and Beauty salons to OPEN 4th July along side everyone else!

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The Coronavirus has devastated the future of the beauty industry in the UK, yet today we have been dealt another blow. Hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost and salons could close permanently due to the announcement today by Boris Johnson. We are not to reopen on the 4th of July along with the hairdressing industry with no explanation as to why we would be one of the last to open our doors to the public.

Our businesses have been closed for over 110 days now. This is insanity. The only reason that was given was that people sit face to face?!
Our salons will remain empty with our doors closed and our teams at home while the public is out shopping, eating, drinking and even sleeping in hotels but yet the small nail bar on your local high street is to stay closed.
As one of the leading nail bar chains in the UK we take the lead in standing up against this short sighted and senseless announcement today and with our local community appeal to your better natures. Please don't let out beauty industry die, an industry with many independents, bearing in mind it brings in over £8 billion into our economy every year and employs thousands of workers. Don’t let us become an empty, desolate industry. Please respect the purpose of this industry and how it serves the community, making women and men feel wonderful and confident every day.
It benefits no one if our salons are empty and in the long run this makes no economic sense. We, the local people are concerned and are looking to you to step up.

Please sign this petition to urgently request the government reconsiders the reopening of nail and beauty salons in line with other establishments including hairdressers on the 4th July.

We, at Nail’d it, like many other salons have already taken the necessary actions to keep both our staff and clients safe. These are some of the procedures in place.
- Masks for all technicians and customers
- Clean staff uniforms daily; which are only worn inside the salon including shoes and clothes
- Temperature check of staff and customers on entry to the salon
- Customers will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry
- Face shields will be worn by technicians at pedicure stations
- Perspex shields at manicure tables
- Hand Sanitiser for all manicure stations
- 15 min gap in between appointments to clean the stations after every customer
- Waiting area removed
- 1 customer per technician at all times
- Nail bar sections separated by 2 metre distance
- Reduced salon opening hours