Stop Jo Swinson from getting a peerage

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Various newspapers are stating that Jo Swinson is to be put forward by Ed Davey for a peerage. Apparently so many are offered to each party.  This is so wrong on every count.

The House of Lords and our Honours system is very corrupt!  Jo Swinson is  disliked by a majority of the British Public and shouldn't be anywhere  near an honour! Her time as Lib Dem Leader has been characterised by going against democracy and the will of the people. Miss Swinson deliberately chose the path to state that she planned to stop Brexit,  and this is where she lost her appeal to remainers, 

Miss Swinson seems to have annoyed people intensely, both Brexiteer and Remainer,  for once united.  It is wrong that unpopular politicians, especially when so young and inexperienced are ennobled.  It sends a very wrong message out to the electorate and public at large.  It shows a system which is unscrupulous, dishonest and unprincipled.

There are many people, both politicians and ordinary who have done great things to add to British life, and Jo Swinson is not one of them. This young woman needs to gain much more experience in working with people, either outside of or inside politics.  We object  most strongly to this suggestion.