Should England play in the World Cup in Russia? Whilst they bomb children in Syria.

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Another atrocity is going on in the world and we all sit down to watch it unfold on the news. For 7 years I've been watching the killing in Syria and each time it breaks my heart. Each news report, I find myself asking who can stop this, when is the suffering going to stop? These people have seen 7 years of killing and its now getting worse, 300 plus civilians killed last week alone by Russian bombs. 

Enough is enough, I can do something about this, WE can do something about this. Stop the English FA from sending OUR team to represent England in the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Please sign this petition to ask our Government & FA to boycott the World Cup unless the Russian bombing of innocent civilians stops. 

The UN can't seem to offer our fellow humans any protection. But if we Football fans unite around the world, we can ask our national teams not to play in Russia unless the bombing stops. Russia would not want this, it would be a great embarrassment to her and her leader. 

So please, fellow football fans sign and share this petition. Lets see if we can at least get this discussed by the FA and Government. It's better than more bombs.





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