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Points which we have to consider before signing this Petition are as follows:- As per the survey and a recent article published where  Boris Johnson stated in London we have 400000 illegal immigrants and 300000 elsewhere total is nearly 700000. Based on the figures where we can generate revenue and gear our economy we are utilising public funds in deportation and etc. calculations are as follows: Tax on minimum income of £15000k per annum is £880 and if £880 paid by 700000 people it's 880*700000= £616,000,000 Per Year and this is only tax no Nic included. How stupid is this instead of earning we are losing a lot of money. Why not government do restrictions which is as follows:- Amensty is only available to the following people:- Earning criteria: 15k minimum. No benefits allow for 10 years. No Chid benefits no tax credits. VISA extensions required for 10 years and Permanent Residence is based on the above criteria. l propose that illegal immigrants or overstayers in UK over 10 years should be considered to stay legally in this country so they pay tax and we can make this country more better. Provided they have not committed any crimes except being here without documents and working illegally. Proper criminal checks can be carried out and every one of them finger printed. Each case can be dealt with on an individual basis. There is a lot of suffering and abuse being faced by a lot of these people , they suffer in silence Due to restrictions forced to accept odd jobs even being well educated.Get paid less than minimum wage rate or sadly never get paid n cannot report this. They have to go through from experiences which are bitter and beyond humanity . We all together being as humans can stop this or could raise our voices to request to stop this. lf you agree with the above please sign this petition.