Medication for Covid 19

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I am contacting you regarding the new medication Chloroquine being used to treat Covid patients in France, Israel and US among other countries with very good results.
Why is the UK not using this medication?
There are so many vulnerable members of our Country who are living under such panic locked into there homes and it hurts to know that there is some sort of cure available but England won’t even let their doctors try it!
It has been used to treat malaria and arthritis safely for years. Obviously we do not have sufficient testing of this medicine on Covid but with thousands dying, isn’t it worth trying it?
In addition, doctors in USA have noticed that when this medication is administered to the vulnerable in the early stages of Covid, they do not deteriorate to the point of needing hospitalisation. Is this not something that could literally save our overwhelmed NHS?
Please could this request be treated as a matter of urgency as we could be saving many lives!!