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Boris Johnson, Mayor of London: Please say "no" to a proposed nine storey development on the site of the old Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital on the corner of Hackney Road and Goldsmith's Row....

We regret to announce that Boris Johnson Did Not Say No and has allowed the scheme to go ahead. 

We don't accept the decision and will continue to argue for a better development and one which keeps more of the buildings. The Greater London Authority, under Boris Johnson, owns the land. His decision favours the few not the many and makes a mockery of 'Localism'. 

Our petition shows the strength of feeling from people who care about the hospital and the East End - we will not be ignored: please carry on signing !

Why do we have to put up with bland, sterile developments and lose the areas with character? Why tear down the old Victorian hospital when some of it could be renovated?

Boris Johnson says: "We must pay attention to quality as well as quantity" in his London Plan. He also said: "All developments must remain appropriate to their context and their setting and have enduring beauty that will remain into the next century for generations to come." 

We agree!  Say yes to new housing - no to bog-standard buildings.





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