Give #NHSBonus to NHS workers UK-wide

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I am a physiotherapist working in a busy London hospital and deliver rehabilitation to patients during their admission which, this year, has included individuals who have contracted COVID. 2020 has been trying for ALL frontline healthcare workers as we have, and continue, to work around the clock under stressful circumstances to ensure people are given the care and expertise they need through this pandemic.

Many of us have taken on additional roles and duties in order to account for short-staffing amongst hospital staff as a result of COVID illness, self-isolation or shielding. I contracted COVID in late March and have since struggled with fatigue. Many of us are exhausted but we continue to dedicate ourselves to this cause because we really do care.

On 30th November 2020 we learnt that Nicola Sturgeon has negotiated a one-off £500 bonus and 2021 pay increase for NHS Scotland workers and this is such delightful news. Our Scottish co-workers deserve this recognition and reward!

This lead to me thinking, surely the #NHSBonus should be rewarded to NHS workers UK-wide? Every NHS worker across the UK has worked equally hard, putting themselves and their loved ones lives at risk, in order to look after others during this unprecedented time. Therefore, please, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, consider making this a UK-wide “Thank You” to our NHS heroes, for all their hard work and sacrifice through this pandemic.