Change new restrictions on takeaway alcohol to stop beer and cider from going to waste

Change new restrictions on takeaway alcohol to stop beer and cider from going to waste

5 January 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Too Good To Go UK

Last lockdown, it was possible to save almost 40,000 drinks from going to waste - all while supporting local pubs. This lockdown, the restrictions make it impossible. With this petition, we want to change that.

Help ensure the future of our pubs and restaurants: allow closed container and packaged drinks for click & collect and/or takeaway during the lockdown to prevent beer and cider waste.

Dear Prime Minister

Our pubs and restaurants need your help. Whilst the latest lockdown measures are necessary to allow us to take control of Covid-19, more needs to be done to protect our hospitality industry and reduce unnecessary harm on our environment.

We applaud the industry grants, furlough scheme and business rate cuts - however, the latest restrictions do not let these businesses do what they have become known for: keeping community spirits high. The restrictions stop people from supporting their favourite pubs and local businesses, one of the few positives we’ve seen over the last 10 months. Crucially, they also cause unnecessary waste on a colossal scale.

In November’s lockdown, through the Too Good To Go app alone, over 35,000 pints of beer and cider, and 2,500 bottles and cocktails went to consumers to enjoy at home instead of going to waste. Many of our partners used the revenue generated from these waste-reduction schemes to support charities, whilst also donating what surplus produce they could to food banks.

Opening for food-only takeaway services is simply not a viable option for over 60% of UK pubs.

Food waste is a dark mark on the hospitality industry. Not only does wasted food and drink waste the money and resources that have gone into producing it, but it also causes irreparable damage to the environment. Food waste accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That means if it were a country, food waste would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the USA and China. 

While we understand the part lockdown plays on the road to normality, it’s important to remember that this cannot come at the cost of our planet. 

To that end, we are calling for an immediate overturn on the ban on the sale of takeaway alcoholic beverages

The environment still matters, and food and drink waste is still occurring. But there are ways around this if businesses are able to continue a click & collect or takeaway offering across all food and drink.

Having risen to every challenge, the latest announcements mean that pubs are now losing the right to tackle the unique challenges presented by the pandemic. 

In a year that the UK hosts COP26, we can do much better.

Yours sincerely, 

Jamie Crummie, Co-founder and Paschalis Loucaides, UK Country Manager 

Too Good To Go

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Signatures: 4,738Next Goal: 5,000
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