Caroline Lucas to be President of COP26

Caroline Lucas to be President of COP26

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Tina Rothery started this petition to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) and

The UK government needs to appoint a new President for COP26 and the best candidate is Caroline Lucas MP. A post on Twitter by Councillor and former MEP Gina Dowding started many talking and she and I then created this petition. Others too had similar thoughts, including Rose who wrote to the Guardian:

"Following the sacking of Claire O’Neill as president of the forthcoming climate change talks in Glasgow.. I would suggest that the only UK politician of sufficient integrity, dedication and expert knowledge on the subject of climate change to take over is Caroline Lucas MP." ~ Rose Harvie,

Caroline does indeed have the integrity, dedication, expert knowledge and wealth of experience that will ensure the best outcomes of these vital talks. Caroline said this week:

“It’s not enough just to turn up on the day and sit at the top of the table. A huge amount of political and diplomatic work beforehand is required. And that is just not happening. This is the most important UN climate summit since Paris and it is way off track and heading for failure – with the UK behind the wheel."

Success is essential and the diplomacy required to achieve it, not to be found in any of the current candidates. Caroline is respected by those who work with her and she is a popular and honest politician who stands the best chance of getting countries to accelerate their emissions cuts.

In the year ahead of the Paris summit – which resulted in the most ambitious climate treaty to date – France focused all its diplomatic efforts on bringing 195 countries on board. Michael Gove would not be able to achieve this. David Cameron (who already ruled himself out) would not have been able either. Caroline would.

The outgoing (sacked) President of COP26 Claire O’Neill said that the Prime Minister “just didn’t get climate change”. He doesn't 'get' diplomacy, transparency or planning either.

Claire said in her letter to Boris Johnson:

“We are miles off track. You promised to ‘lead from the front’ and asked me what was needed ‘money, people, just tell us!’ Sadly, these promises and offers are not close to being met.”

As we know, the climate emergency cannot be ignored or spun - the impacts are already evident. We will only succeed in moving forward with others and making the changes essential to our survival, with a President of COP26 who genuinely 'gets' the implications of ongoing failure. Please sign and share this petition demanding that COP26 is in the hands of someone whose morals and goals align with the purpose - Caroline is a perfect fit.

Last words to Caroline:

"Boris Johnson likened global warming to “cloaking the planet like a tea-cosy”, a stunningly inappropriate comparison given that people are already dying from the impacts of climate change. I know there were schoolchildren in the audience, but they probably have a better, more sophisticated understanding of climate than he does.

"Mr Johnson also said: “We were the first to industrialise, so we have a responsibility to lead the way”. I agree, prime minister. So what are you actually doing about it? Because on the evidence, it appears not very much. And time is running out, both for this year’s summit and for the climate." 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!