Boris Johnson: Apologise for comparing Muslim women to letterboxes

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13 months later, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson still hasn’t apologised for comments he had wrote in a newspaper last year about Muslim women - comparing us to “letterboxes” and “bankrobbers”.  It’s been reported that following his article, reported abuse against Muslims rose by 375%.

In the House of Commons yesterday Johnson was again asked to apologise, with MP Tanmanjeet Singh demanding that Johnson take responsibility & address the impact of his words. Johnson refused, and instead attempted to justify his positions by claiming he was defending the rights of Muslim women to wear what they want. It didn’t defend us Muslim women at all. Instead, it used careless and mocking language on a national platform. It’s the same racist language that Muslim women are subjected to on the streets. 

That’s why I’m calling on Boris Johnson to apologise. Please help by signing.

I have close friends who have been attacked in the street. And my mother wore the burka nearly all her life. She felt safe and protected while wearing it. But our Prime Minister’s comments equip the far right to normalise attacks - making Muslim women unsafe. 

So here is what I have to say to Boris Johnson. I know that you have supported issues that have affected Muslim women in the past, such as the fight against FGM and that your current cabinet is indeed the most diverse in history. But seriously, it is high time you apologised. Not only to my fellow Muslim sisters who have been directly affected by your careless comments but also to the electorate. 

We deserve a PM who listens, and can accept when he has made a mistake. 

By digging in your heels, you are only making yourself look stubborn, out of touch & arrogant. And the true victims of your stance will continue to be Muslim women who are already amongst the most marginalised and stigmatised of BAME groups.