Reopen Dance Schools in Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health.

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We ask that the government of BC reconsider the targeting of childrens dance studios in the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health regions and are asking that the words 'dance classes' be removed from the Provincial Health Order. 

The new restrictions includes the closing of dance studios but allows schools and gyms to stay open and indoor sports to continue as long as participants are maintaining social distancing. Although dance is not a sport it is a physical activity that we, as owners, have managed to provide safely while maintaining social distancing since June 1st. 

It is unfair for us to be targeted. We have suffered from March onwards as we have navigated covid protocols with no overseeing sports or arts organization, with decreased participation due to reluctant parents and little rent relief as it was left optional for our landlords. We have worked tirelessly to keep dance spaces safe so children can return and continue what they love. 

We understand that BC is in the middle of a health crisis and increased measures need to be taken but we also think it is unjust to ask us to shoulder this burden when we are already providing the safest environment possible and we are not responsible for the recent dramatic increase in cases. To ask us to close again, even for two weeks, while schools and other child-centric activities stay open is unreasonable, unfair, and unwarranted.