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Stop using the slogan: "Sea Level is for Sissies".

People say “you're a sissy” to put them down. The word "sissy" is demeaning, degrading and hurtful to people. It is a sexist term, used to feminize another as weak.

Children today, in our local Boulder schools, are taught not to use put-downs of others: "That's so gay", "You're a sissy", "That's retarded", because they are all bullying statements that are meant to shame and hurt others. That is what often leads a vulnerable child to depression, self-harm or other socially destructive behaviours. 

Cliff and Steve Bosley, the race coordinators, have been confronted by concerned citizens of Boulder about this issue for 7 years now. Yet they refuse to do anything at all about it. Cliff Bosley recently claimed in Boulder Weekly "only a half dozen or so" complaints have been received over the years.

Join us in sending them this message: Stop using the word "sissy" in your Marketing campaigns now. The continued use of the slogan is not only destructive, it shows negatively on the Bolder Boulder 10k race, and our Community and it takes away from the amazing experience and pride that the Bolder Boulder could be, for all.

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Thank you.

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