Hold a Referendum In North East BC on Syrian Refugees

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The community of North East BC is currently going through an economic downfall.  Thousands of us laid off from our jobs and relying on unemployment to keep us going.  Christy Clark has made a statement that "We've got the strongest economy in the country,"  and that "It's my hope that we can help settle those refugees in communities where they're going to get the best start. Some should be up in the northeast, where they've got almost zero unemployment and the cost of housing a lot lower." However, many people in the northeast are uncomfortable with the idea of losing more jobs and welcoming refugees that have not gone through a screening process into our small communities.  Worries about the medical crisis currently in the communities.  And lack of employment show that refugees located in the area may not get their best start here.  The communities deserve to make a vote on this.  This is a decision which should not be taken lightly.  I will send this petition to Bob Zimmer our current M.P. and Pat Pimm the local MLA and request that they help us set up a referendum.  It is my hope that a country wide referendum would occur as well.  The people of Canada should be asked if we would like to accept refugees or if we would rather send support in another form.  I do accept that referendums are rare and that the chance of that is not very high however, even being seen by our local and provincial government and having concerns heard is important.  Syrian Refugees need help, they are in a terrible situation.  However, the government should not decide for the people what kind of help we are willing to support.  

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