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Withdraw from headlining the annual summit of the Legatus Group

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Mr. Newhart,

I'm a queer transgender comic. I'm also from a Catholic family. And though I was not a very good Catholic growing up, it was a big part of my family, especially those closest to me. I have myself been to Mass at Saint Peter's Basilica in The Vatican and have since developed my own love of the Catholic faith. Though I am not able as a queer or transgender person to be part of that faith...
More relevantly though, comedy is the "faith" that has brought me through the hardest as well as the best of times. And in my comedic upbringing, you sir were a huge influence. Your style, delivery and kind sense of humour was one of the major influences that shaped me into the performer, and person, that I am today. You are truly one of my heroes.
That said, and with great respect, I beg you to not associate yourself with the Legatus group and perform at their "summit". I understand the obligations associated with having made a commitment to do a gig. Even if it was, as I truly hope, without a full knowledge of what that group represents. So I ask you this humbly as a fan and a fellow performer. Please, please reconsider your association with this group that hates me and many other fine people, simply because of who we are or who we love.

With great affection,
Lorelei Erisis


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