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It's highly alarming that we allow this in our justice system! Judges have complete control of our lives with no repercussions and very little accountability 


My case: My family court case is black and white, yet the judge has allowed it to go on and on like Days of our Lives.

She failed to reprimand the other party for being 20 minutes late, while I pay my attorney for being on time.

After proving the other party gave false witness, while on the stand (about a child support abatement and failure to pay) granted the other party the abatement and told me she hoped I saved all of the money, that was never paid, for my daughter's future and also claimed she was well aware of the facts of the case, which she clearly was not.

Said Judge ignored my attorney's request for an evidentiary hearing for 6 months, then allowed it to be scheduled and then rescheduled it because something came up. She then scheduled the hearing again, so I took off of work, missed class, paid $500 to subpoena my counselor (who was fairly upset that all of his clients had to be rescheduled) paid to serve several other people who failed to show up (which is against the law but nothing was said) and paid my attorney and the guardian.....just for the judge to say she was not going to hear the evidence that day and we could schedule a final trial in 3 months.  All of this unprofessional nonsense in family court, allowing a child to live in limbo for 2 years.

Please sign for reform and let our congressional leaders know we won't stand for it!