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On June 21/2017 My son had an altercation with music teacher Joesph Troiano, teacher couldn't get the kids under control but my son was apart from the kids sitting on chairs with two girls talking and when my son got up of the girls tickled my son and teacher thought that he was laughing at him and told my son to get up and get son said no because he wasn't doing anything wrong but talking to the girls. Then the teacher grabbed my son by his arm (leaving a bruise on his arm)  and when my son tried to go around him he took his two fists and punched him in his chest. My son is only 12 years old and this man is 57 years old. When I got to school my son told us about the incident that happened we (the parents) called the police and teacher was told to go home by the principal of the school.  They lied on police report. 

School started again in September 7/2017 and my son had the teacher put on his schedule. We had to go to office and have his schedule changed. Teacher is still there in school walks around intimidating my kids and main office and the board of Ed refuse to do anything about it. I wanted to have my kids transferred from the school and board of Ed refused as well. They have giving us such a run around . 


I think what needs to be done is for this teacher to be removed from schools because if he did it once he will do it again. I feel that the staff needs to be re-evaluated because they are covering for the teacher.  My son can't go to school and get the education he deserves because of bullies like this teacher.