Change Name of School

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In 1907, School Board Chair, George Jay, helped to create a segregated school system in Victoria public schools. The segregation applied to all pupils of Chinese origin, including those who spoke English as their first (and in some cases only) language, and did not apply to other English speakers.  Students were called out of their classes on the first day of school to be marched down to the segregated facilities.  In 1922 there was a student strike in protest that lasted a full year. 

George Jay also had the audacity to name the school after himself, without consultation, memorializing himself for over a hundred years.  Many families in the current school community support the endeavour to change the school’s name to better reflect its current spirit of inclusivity and respect.

Do you support re-naming the George Jay Elementary School to honour the current spirit of the school that is one of inclusivity of culture and diversity and overall respect of all humans? If you are interested in supporting this initiative please sign the petition.  The Parent Advisory Council of the school is bringing forth this petition and other strong information to the School Board and they are hoping for your support.