Amboy students fight for a better future

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The board of education has made constant decisions without taking into consideration the ideas and/or interests of actual students. We believe it is our responsibility as a community to discuss on how we can improve our school and better our education. Having a representative student body, where students can sit down and discuss current issues in a more extensive manner would lead our schools to accomplish more. Letting students become more involved with their own personal ideas on how to make things better could further our education system. There is an obvious border between students and board members, meaning there is a huge lack of communication, which means our opinions and ideas aren’t being heard or acknowledged. The only way that change is going to happen is if students are capable of sitting with our board members and discuss on why Perth Amboy High School has become a school in which students no longer find the motivation to bother showing up. Its started small, with things like teachers we love leaving, not having teachers at all for some classes, or state tests delaying our academic learning. Clearly, this a reason for worry and questions, and this is why we demand change. Please sign now to let our Board members know we need a representative student body now.  Please come to the Board of Education meeting Thursday, June 20th at 5:30 in the auditorium of PAHS. We are strength in numbers, the more the better