Donvale Christian College Sports Uniform Change

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At Donvale Christian College students that undertake a sports subject are forced to bring two sets of uniform to school and get changed either at recess or lunch. This means that students have to pack their bag's full of the second uniform and are likely to lose parts items of their uniform when getting changed, this can result in blazers getting crushed and dirty which means they have to get dry cleaned which costs a lot of money and parents become irritated. If students don't apply to these rules they get put on detention and they have to waste their lunchtimes again. Recess and lunchtimes are made to break up the boring school day so that students are able to concentrate for longer and so that they can run around and keep fit after sitting for extended periods of time. Donvale needs to change the policy so that students who participate in a sport-related subject are allowed to wear their uniforms all day when they take part in these sport-related subjects so that they can put their lunchtimes to good use.