BMW support for Android Auto (old, existing and new models)

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Considering approximately 80% smartphone worldwide running on Android OS, it is an absolute necessity for the vast majority of Android smartphone owners to have Android Auto support in the vehicle we dearly love and truly passionate about.

Currently, the majority of Android smartphone owners have no other choice than using some sort of clips or phone holders to position the smartphone, somewhere around the car display (or steering wheel) to use Android services while driving, which is causing greater driving risk as a result, due to additional attention required to follow the onscreen instructions on smaller smartphone screen (compared to larger iDrive display) and to use the smaller smartphone touch screen while driving (instead of using the iDrive Controller/Wheel/Touch), in addition to the clutter caused by the power cable connected to the smartphone externally, hanging over the center console and gear lever.

Having said that, BMW shall consider the possibility of Android Auto integration, which would definitely reduce the driving risk, support the Android smartphone owners and uplift company value to greater extent, while paying attention to BMW fans worldwide.