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Neighbourhood waste management initiative

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Will you join me in starting a campaign with the BMC to implement better waste disposal practices?  At the most basic level, we all should separate our waste from dry, wet and hazardous waste.  Unfortunately the minute the garbage leaves the home, the collectors just mix it up again and put it in the trucks. I deeply care about starting such a campaign, hoping it will inspire more neighbourhoods and then hopefully the entire city of Mumbai to make this into a permanent law, one which can be punishable if broken!  It is heartbreaking to read about whales being washed up ashore with bellies full of plastic and extremely scary to live in a world where garbage dumps collapse and kill people and catch fire and cause choking of cities.

India is totally behind the rest of the world when it comes to waste disposal, we must must do something so that we can save our earth and ourselves!  I also believe that implementing such practices will have an added benefit of teaching people to curb personal wasteful habits.  Let's make it happen!


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