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Bring FPP to Live PUBG servers

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We would like to add First Person Perspective (FPP) to the live servers of PUBG. Players have an inherent advantage using Third Person Perspective (TPP) which can lead to stalemates and restricted game play. The addition of FPP will raise the level of skill and awareness needed for full immersion and fair competitive play.


Hi everyone,

Firstly, to preface this petition I'd like to first thank Bluehole and the PUBG team for developing such an enjoyable game and being so receptive to community feedback.

This petition isn't in any way meant to cast a negative light on the PUBG team, quite the opposite, by sharing our passionate and honest opinion in a respectful but firm manner. Knowing how open they’ve been with us so far in early access we really do believe they’ll listen and consider our request.

With that being said, I feel that the PUBG team aren’t completely aware of how much we as a community want, and need, FPP (first person perspective) only servers.

With your help, I’d like to use this petition as a tool to make the PUBG team aware of how passionate we are about having FPP servers introduced into the game as soon as possible.

The latest information we’ve got regarding the introduction of FPP servers is that they’re most likely not being put into the game until after early access or the very end of early access. t

Let me just get this out of the way outright – We do not want to remove third person from the game, but instead want players to have the option to choose which game mode they’d like to play.

What’s the issue with TPP (third person perspective)?

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy playing TPP but it simply has some inherent characteristics which are severely detrimental to the playing experience, especially competitively.

In essence, with TPP you’re able to see enemies who can’t see you, you’re able to gain information about your opponent(s) and their positioning whilst being completely behind cover. This means that with TPP the defender always has an inherent advantage above and beyond what they already have from being in the better position and allows little or no counter play against opponents who have a positional advantage.

Any game elements which severely limit counter play lowers the skill ceiling of the game overall and as such creates predictable outcomes where players can’t use their skills and attempt to outplay their opponent.

For example: If Player A is behind a wall and spots Player B in the field running towards him, Player A can simply sit behind the wall not exposing any part of his body to danger whilst being able to view Player B in full and when Player B gets close to the wall, Player A can simply lean from around the wall and kill Player A without Player A having any method of counter play.

This isn’t a scenario which happens occasionally, or is limited to the above example, it’s a situation which happens any time a player has cover and is being approached by another player.

You may ask “But why is that a problem?”

It’s a problem because it almost entirely removes one of the greatest elements of this game: Risk vs reward. You don’t have to risk taking any damage to be able to gain complete information on your opponent’s position.

These scenarios are happening more and more often as players learn more about the game and how to use TPP to get the utmost advantage.

You’ve all seen these scenarios before; two trees parallel to each other with an opponent behind each tree where both players know exactly where each other are but neither are willing to engage in combat because whoever exposes their body first is at a huge disadvantage. This is what I like to call the game of chicken.

The game of chicken only ends when one player decides they’ve had enough and tries to engage the fight first, at an inherent disadvantage due to exposing their entire body whilst the other player behind the tree is still completely concealed but at the same time, still being able to see the exposed player in full, or the blue zone pushes one player out of safety. Both scenarios don’t facilitate a fair, skill-based fight to take place, despite both players potentially having the same cover and positioning. From a spectating perspective, this is especially stale and boring.



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