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Blue Jays: Speak out against homophobia by making "It Gets Better" video

Toronto is to Canada what San Francisco is to America:  a Gay Meca that attracts gay people from all over Canada to live in a city of tolerance and acceptance.  Since the San Francisco Giant's have agreed to make a public service video "It Gets Better" speaking out against homophobia, their Canadian counterparts should do the same.

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Rogers Communications
I invite the Blue Jays to make an anti-homophobia video as the San Francisco Giants have done.

Like San Francisco, Toronto is home to a very large gay population. Many of these citizens have come here to escape homophobia in their home towns to a city of tolerance that celebrates its gay population with Pride Week every year. The Jays, as Toronto's home baseball team, are active in the community, for instance in collecting for the Daily Bread Food Bank. Homophobia is rampant in major sports, including baseball. I ask the Jays to step up to the plate and follow their San Francisco colleagues and follow suite by making an "It Gets Better" video. I know they are "man enough" to do so, and can make a difference in the lives of the many people still subject to abuse and ridicule through continued homophobic attitudes world wide.

Come on Jays! Tell the world you're as comfortable with pink as you are with blue!

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