Justice for Blue Deco Publishing Authors

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We are petitioning for the reversion of rights and payment of outstanding royalties for the following authors operating under a voided contract with Blue Deco Publishing: H. A. Callum, Simone Snaith, Samantha Latshaw, Bryce David Salazar, Robin Smith, Karen Wirtz, and Arthur Turfa.

The reasons are as follows:

First, per a statement and contractual addendum written by Blue Deco Publishing, all third quarter royalties were to be paid by November 15, 2017. As of the date of this petition, Blue Deco Publishing has not paid any authors their royalties, nor has it provided any reasons or forewarnings as to the delay. This is not the first time Blue Deco Publishing has been late with royalty payments. Royalty payments were also made late for the second quarter of 2017.

Second, ISBN numbers were listed to be provided in our contracts. However, listings for the books online show that the works are listed as being published by the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, which is a free self-publishing service. They are not listed as Blue Deco Publishing works, which shows that an ISBN number was not provided by Blue Deco Publishing, but rather Blue Deco Publishing opted to use a free ISBN provided by CreateSpace.

In light of the foregoing, and various other instances not expressly identified herein, Blue Deco Publishing is in violation of the contracts entered into with its authors and, as a result, has voided the contractual obligations with its authors. Since Blue Deco Publishing is not responding to or communicating with its authors, we the undersigned are asking for the public’s support to raise awareness of this issue, and that Blue Deco Publishing revert all rights to us and issue all past due royalty payments immediately. 

We take this step with great reluctance. Each of us entered into a contract with Blue Deco Publishing with the expectation of establishing a long-term relationship with the publisher. Sadly, we have been disappointed.

Thank you to all the readers who have purchased and enjoyed our works. Without you, we would not be here. We hope, as authors, to make certain that our works continue to be available to you without further infringement upon our intellectual property rights as artists.

/s/ H. A. Callum                    /s/ Simone Snaith

/s/ Arthur Turfa                   /s/ Samantha Latshaw

/s/ Bryce David Salazar     /s/ Robin Smith

/s/ Karen Wirtz


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