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We the collective residents of Blount County, call for the removal of Dr. Steve Moser

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During my personal dealings with Mr Moser, I have found him to be very rude, indifferent and ineffective, especially when it involved bullying of one of my children. On 4/26/17 I voiced my frustrations on Maryville Speaks Out Facebook page and within minutes countless parents were adding their stories. All of these led back to Mr.Moser's inability or unwillingness to provide a safe learning environment for children. This was not just Heritage Middle School, but multiple schools, as Mr Moser was school superintendent. When I noticed the quantity of complaints I began taking action. This petition gives a voice to the parents of both present and former Blount County students, a voice that hasn't been heard.

This is a collective effort to call for the dismissal of this man from our school system. Blount County does not want bullys in our schools, nor will we tolerate indifferent administrators. 

This is a call to Blount County School Board to remove this man from our school system. The days of riding on credentials are over, we are watching, we are joining together and speaking out. In any other field poor performance and poor customer service will cost you your job, and this should be the same. We want this man gone, he has effected countless students and families in a negative way, and Blount County has had enough. 

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