What many are trying to achieve is getting an RP-PVP server when WoW: Classic releases.

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Me and many others were saddened to hear that Blizzard does not currently have the intention to release RP-PVP servers when WoW Classic releases this summer. This came as a hard blow to many players that enjoy BOTH RP and PVP. We find that the combination of the two is the way the game is meant to be played, allowing the player to be fully invested in the world that Blizzard Entertainment has created. We want to create our own stories, and those include the players being able to fight the other faction if there are (RP) reasons to do so. Players want the FULL experience, not having to choose between things they both love to do, being RP and PVP. Many topics and multiple videos have been created regarding this topic and it has been mentioned on multiple occasions that the desire for an RP-PVP server is higher compared to RP-PvE. 

To give an example of the reasoning people are into RP-PVP, this video was created on the server I used to play on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElBVaLYN6g4 , this being the perfect example.

The reason I am creating this petition is to show to Blizzard that there are numerous players in for example the US and EU that were really looking forward to playing WoW Classic again on an RP-PvP server (at launch!). This allows for us players to create a united front, showing to Blizzard that these servers might be a niche, but not that small niche they think it is. A lot of players want this as their WoW experience and would hate to choose between both things they love doing.

Please, be sure to sign this petition. Let your voices be heard!