Unban Reckful from World of Warcraft

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Byron Bernstein better known by his online alias Reckful, is an American Twitch.tv streamer and former professional eSports player. He is best known in World of Warcraft for finishing rank one for six seasons in succession. He was the first person to reach 3000 rating and won Major League Gaming's World of Warcraft tournament in 2010. 

Of the thousands of gamers who stream on Twitch, only a handful ever get to turn it into a full time job. Reckful is one of the few that has “made it” by devoting his time and energy to sharing his passion for online gaming for the world to see. In turn, he has been able to make a living while enjoying his favorite hobby. Over the years, he has competed at the highest level of World of Warcraft’s arena, earning over 280,000 followers in the process. Then he faced his greatest challenge of all.

In 2014, Reckful logged in to World of Warcraft to find that he had the worst possible message awaiting him. It was the seldom encountered Battle.net Error #22, one that meant that he had been banned from the game. Not for three days, or even a week. It was a permanent ban rendering all of his high-value characters unplayable, for the same reason that many other players get banned for a specific period of time (48 hours-6 months). 

Tyler1, also a Twitch streamer, has been permanently banned on League of Legends for his persistent and outrageously toxic behavior in April 2016. He has been unbanned in January of 2018 after "613 days of intense rehab and reformation." We all believe Reckful has done the same and deserve to be unbanned. It has been four years since he was permanently banned. We all believe Reckful has served "his time." 

Blizzard, we appeal to you to look deep into Reckful's case again and give him a WoW amnesty! He is one of the greatest World of Warcraft players we have ever known, and it would be legendary to have him back in the game again! We believe he has "learned his lesson" and will not violate any rules again. Everyone makes mistakes, even you guys at Blizzard! Give him another chance to prove himself worthy of pardon and make the game even more fantastic on his comeback.

We are all signing this petition because we believe Reckful's World of Warcraft account should be unbanned!

#FreeReckful !!!!!