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Stop The WoW Token to Balance

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Most WoW players have grown up with it, but the key word here is "grown up", we have adult responsibilities now. A lot of people stopped playing because life got in the way, but then Blizzard came out with the token system allowing us to pay for game time with in game gold. This was perfect for those of us who had more important things to spend money on. So a lot of old players came back. Personally I had quit for a few months until I found out about the token deal. 

But now..."You can redeem the token for $15 of balance now, which can be used on WoW pets, Blizzard games and Digital Deluxe versions, character services like realm changes and more." (Wowhead, 2017).

This has increased the token prices from the average of 45-65k to 107k. 

Not everyone is savvy with the in game AH, and it's not fun to most players, and would rather spend their time playing the game instead of making enough gold to actually play.

See the Catch-22 here? (Spending more time working the ah to be able to play, then actually being able to play.)

Let's tell Blizzard we do not want this new system! The players who have fun with the AH and are in the game only for the gold, and not to mention the bots and farmers who sell in game gold for irl money are the only ones who like this system. 

There are a lot of people who think this system is ok, but those are the people who have fun with the AH. 

What about the players who want to play, but either don't have the irl money, and/or don't have time and want to play casually?

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