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Tyrael's Charger

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**Tyrael's Charger should be available to people who pay for 1 year of WoW subs.**

In the game, World of Warcraft, there is a mount called Tyrael's Charger. This mount was originally given exclusively to those who played the game and paid for a 1 year subscription to the game to promote another game called, Diablo. This was done in the NA region due to the graphic nature of the Diablo game and therefore some countries, such as Taiwan, were not able to participate thus given the option to store buy the mount. Additionally Taiwan also had different subscription types.

Currently Taiwanese are still able to purchase this mount while those in NA are being told they are out of luck.

I would like to petition that Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the game World of Warcraft, place Tyrael's Charger up again for those who pay for a 1 year subscription.

It makes sense this way for a number of reasons.

1. Tyrael's Charger is a World of Warcraft only mount.

2. A good portion of those who have the mount either no longer play or said they wouldn't mind if other players could once again receive them.

3. Many players who do not have the mount said they would be willing to pay the 1 year sub or even pay much more than an average mount in the store.

4. This would further encourage more people to subscribe to the game.

5. Besides an achievement, which could easily be unobtainable for those getting it after the fact, this mount has no other reason why it should not be available to people in current game.

6. Let's also not forget when an error on Blizzard's end allowed non-Taiwanese players to purchase the mount and there were no issues with them actually applying the mount to a players account.

Additionally this mount could instead be added to the RaF gift store. Encouraging more people to join the game in order to gain the mount.

There are very few reasons why this mount should not still be available to people in the NA Region or any other region where this mount cannot be bought or still somehow obtained by current players.

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