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Giving Demon Hunters the ability to use their wings for flying.

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I've a suggestion about Demon Hunters getting *flying form*, like druids. The DH transform into a demon (Havoc) form and able to fly around using his wings. And even if they don't transform, they physically have wings, so logically they should be able to fly, as we saw Illidan does it many times before (and probably will see in the future). But really giving Demon Hunters flying form, makes as much sense if not more, as it does with druids.

Few notes...

/1/. Demon Hunters already have the flying animation in game using the [Rain from Above] ability, their wing muscles can clearly work as they should.

/2/. This is addition is not coming to "steal" a unique ability from Druids, just like Worgens' Running Wild or Shamans Ghost Wolf didn't.

/3/. It is supported lore wise, according to the Illidan novel, for a DH to become one, he has to consume the heart of the demon he killed and that way gain the demonic power and the looks of the DH, tattoos, horns, wings etc, same logic can apply when a DH eats the heart of a <challenging elite Fel Bat>, and gain its demonic power to fly.

So to sum it up, this is not "I want to be Illidan!" petition or request, no one can be Illidan but Illidan.

This petition, is simply a request to use the wings DH physically have (the only class with wings), even without shape-shifting, and is backed by the Warcraft lore about DH so far.

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