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As we know with the Patch 5.0.0. Blizzard has replaced the emote "Sorry" with the emote "Wow", now is time to BRING IT BACK. So Hearthstone community LET'S DO THIS!

I'll do my best to make this petition viral and contact the most followed people of the HS community (like Kripparian, Disguised Toast, Kolento and others..) to get them involved with this and share it. But to do this we need to bring this petition a serious thing and share it all around the Hearthstone community.

Are you still there?!?!? SIGN THIS AND SHARE IT!!!

Some reasons for bring back "Sorry" emote:

  • "There is no emote that cannot be interpreted as BM. If you are bothered by them the squelch option is right there. 
    Personally I'd approve of restoring the Sorry emote. It was one of the few I actually used (I'm scatterbrained, so I'd occasionally forget to End my turn and just sit there waiting for my opponent's play...)"

  • "There's just a lot of times where I feel like it would fit the situation a lot more than "Wow"

  • "I used to use sorry when I had to leave mid-game, don't have an emote for that anymore."
  • "I used it after and often before I'd have to take a sudden bathroom break for the wait."
  • "I used it for that too, but I mostly used it for when I forgot to click End Turn and it looked like I was just wasting time and BMing."

As you can see the "Sorry" emote is not just for BM but has many other uses and don't forget there is no emote that cannot be interpreted as BM If you are bothered by them just click on the squelch button.

Sorry for my english but is not my own language.

I forgot to introduce myself, i'm EdeN a long time Hearthstone player and one of the admins of "Sovraccarico d'Ignoranza" one of the most followed Facebook pages about Hearthstone in the italian community.
Leave the link here if you are interested:


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