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Abandon policy changes that have alienated over 80% of their users

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UPDATE 2014 - After being purchased by Maker Studios, who essentially did nothing to improve or alter the blip product - blip has resumed it's "great purge" by notifying users that their channels were to be frozen and deleted.. but hey - those who receive emails are welcome to place their content on YouTube and request partnership with Maker's MCN.. which makes no sense. has for years been offering independent content creators an alternative to youtube. With millions of users, blip offers a 50/50 advertising revenue platform - meaning we supply the content, blip supplies the advertisers, and revenue is split 50/50. blip saw their largest success on users such as Doug Walker's Channel Awesome Inc, Rooster Teeth's Red vs Blue and Achievement Hunter series', RetrowareTV, Model Wife - and others.

Recently, and quietly, they've begun taking away the privileges of their users by limiting distribution options, cutting daily media uploads to three, and later, one per day - as well as hiding users from their already limited search function in favor of "core" series'. Most recently, blip has removed their "pro" package which allowed users to convert their uploads to HD720p, disabled users ability to schedule their episodic uploads ahead of time, suspended users from distributing to youtube (after abandoning distribution options to vodpod, vimeo, and others) - and have stated in their forums (as opposed to emailing content creators directly) that they'll begin removing users from their platform for "violating terms".

Below are exerpts given from blip to content creators who have taken the time and effort to get answers for the quiet changes:

"Unfortunately this is just not the type of content that is appropriate for hosting on As such you have been restricted to three (now one) uploads per day to ensure resources are not monopolized by content that does not fit our guidelines. Additionally your YouTube crossposting privileges have been revoked and your account will not appear in search results. As per our TOS at :


Videos that are not part of a high quality, original episodic web series can be removed at Blip’s sole discretion. Examples of content considered inconsistent with Blip’s definition of high quality, original episodic web series can include but are not limited to sermons, speeches, slide shows, audio-only content, webinars, screencasts, gameplay footage, tutorials, walkthroughs, meetings (corporate, community or government), personal (home movies, weddings, parties, vacations, etc.), music videos and content produced for other mediums (television, film, radio, audio podcasts). Each episode must consist of original content created by the account holder.

***Exclusions to these rules are made at the sole discretion of Blip. For examples of the type of content Blip is intended for, please visit

*Note that they noted that exceptions are at the discretion of blip staff, meaning users like Doug Walker or Rooster Teeth can continue to "violate the terms" because blip makes enough money from these content creators - but has the right to remove lesser users who provide the same service.

It should also be noted that blip considers audio podcasts now a violation of their terms - despite the fact they themselves offered mp3 conversions to their pro subscribers.

There is nothing wrong with a business going in a specific direction, but to simply drive out over 80% of your users, many of which have been with the blip service for years, made money for blip and provided content to fanbases through (and in some cases despite) blip seems irrational and insulting to people who have helped become as large and successful as they are today.

Another major point of worry to existing content creators is the "we'll do what we want when we want" approach to dealing with the "lesser" accounts (or as theyve put it, users not considered Core Webseries')

"What if I'm not uploading a web series and instead uploading sermons, speeches, slide shows, webinars, screencasts, gameplay footage, tutorials, walkthroughs, meetings (corporate, community or government), personal (home movies, weddings, parties, vacations, etc.), music videos or content produced for other mediums (television, film, radio)?

Unfortunately if that is the case then Blip is simply not the right platform for you. We will be removing such accounts as we see fit in the future to ensure they are not taking up resources (bandwidth, storage, transcoding servers, etc.) devoted to our core web series."

When appealing decisions of blip over our own channel, the incredibly kind, personable, attentive admin provided this reply when we pointed out that our channel was providing similar content to "preferred" channels The Nostalgia Critic, The Spoony Experiment, LordKat, Achievement Hunter and YCPT:

"We suggest moving to a more general platform such as YouTube or Vimeo for your needs."

This incredibly harsh response is what led to this petition. I, as a three year content provider for blip - am insulted and outraged that blip, who has never particularly helped our channel grow and succeed as their attention seemed to have been to promote similar content from larger more established creators, would sooner toss its existing users out in the cold than work to provide audiences with options.

If you are a content creator on blip and you're disappointed or upset with blips recent decision to exclude you, or if you are a regular viewer of video content online and know your favorite shows are under threat because blip has chosen to play favorites, I implore you to sign this petition and express your disapproval over recent business decisions made by this company.


NOTE - users mentioned, including Rooster Teeth and Channel Awesome, are not targets of this petition - they do great work and set the bar, but to be told that we can't do similar work because we aren't them is a great way to stunt the growth of the industry, just like if television had made a point to stop their webseries' from becoming large - they should be able to empathize for the struggle smaller users on blip are undergoing right now.  It should be noted that Doug Walker, aka the Nostalgia Critic, originally came to blip because Youtube deemed his work unfit.  Through blip he had the opportunity to grow and hone his craft to the point that - after four years, he's one of blips biggest cash-cows and most successful webseries' writers and performers online.  Why is blip turning its back on people who are trying desperately to do the same for their own works, when what we provide violates the terms of service no more than his?

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