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16-14-1. With newly proposed boundaries, keep Marsden Park (NSW) in the new suburb name

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We, the undersigned, call upon Blacktown City Council to reconsider its proposal of renaming Marsden Park due to rezoning, outlined as the new Suburb Area 2 (Francis, Clydesdale Farm or Lang) in the Public Exhibition document, File No: 16-14-1.

--- Extract from the Blacktown City Council Public Exhibition
Naming of new suburbs in Blacktown City
Exhibition Period: 6 April, 2017 to 31 August, 2017 (extended from 19 May, 2017)
File No: 16-14-1
Contact Officer: Strategic Planning

"Blacktown City Council is seeking feedback on a proposal to name 11 new suburbs in Blacktown’s North West Priority Growth Area. 

The new suburbs will be created alongside the existing suburbs of Colebee, Marsden Park, Schofields, Shanes Park, Riverstone, Rouse Hill and Vineyard, which are proposed to be retained with reconfigured boundaries. This would result in a total of 19 suburbs across the Growth Area, representing a population of over 150,000 people.

Potential new suburb names are on public exhibition until 31 August 2017. We encourage you to view the proposal and indicate your preferences. 

Revised suburb boundaries are also proposed.

As part of the proposal to name the new suburbs, Council is also seeking feedback on minor boundary variations to the previously identified suburb areas of Marsden Park, Riverstone and Rouse Hill. The changes will ensure that key historical, cultural and strategic sites are retained within the established suburb areas that bear their name."

--- I encourage you and your families to sign this petition to keep Marsden Park in our suburb name. Any other feedback, please add it to the 'I'm signing because...' section as this will become visible at the bottom of the post.  I intend to submit this to council by the deadline date of 31 August 2017.

As a resident of Stockland Elara in Marsden Park;

  • I identify living in the actual suburb named Marsden Park and our community is already established. With nearly two-thirds of Elara sold, we have different reasons as to why we've purchased here. The suburb name is of significant importance to me personally, and possibly the 2,000+ residents already committed to building their homes here - and future residents too.
  • Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta has already opened St Luke's Catholic College Marsden Park - within the Elara Estate - and will educate up to 2,000 students from K-12 in the coming years. It is named St Luke's Catholic College Marsden Park.
  • With the secured rail Marsden Park transport corridor proposed in the near future and the established Sydney Business Park Marsden Park, there is a concern the change in suburb names will impact property prices.
  • For one of the proposed new suburb names; Clydesdale Farm, there is another suburb in NSW called Clydesdale, postcode 2330. This may cause confusion, especially as the two suburbs are in the same state and not within proximity of each other.

Whilst I respect the newly proposed suburb names, there is no direct correlation to the existing suburb name.

As a local resident in Marsden Park, the boundary variations impact my community and where I live today. I am requesting the boundary variation outlined as Suburb Area 2 - namely the Stockland Elara community - be reconsidered inclusive of Suburb Area 3; retaining Marsden Park as its suburb name. There are thousands of residents already committed to this suburb and identify their home as Marsden Park.

If this is not an option, I understand the overall suburb is growing in population size and rezoning may be required, therefore request Blacktown City Council to reconsider its proposed names for Suburb Area 2 and maintain Marsden Park within the renaming process.

Suggestions include (but not limited to): North Marsden Park, West Marsden Park, Marsden Valley, Marsden Plains, Marsden Grange, Marsden Fields.

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