Ban Donkey Riding. Let’s make Blackpool cruelty free!

Ban Donkey Riding. Let’s make Blackpool cruelty free!

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Recently video footage has been released of the abuse of Donkeys in Blackpool in ‘their home’ kicked, punched, beaten with whips, sticks even drop kicked. These Donkeys have been living in fear for a long time according to neighbours who have CCTV footage of the abuse itself. They were living in horrendous conditions, made to work on the beach whatever the weather, they have not even been fed properly resulting in one being extremely under weight. 

It is about time we stop the abuse of animals for our own pleasure. We have come so far over the past few decades, why are we still subjecting these poor defenceless animals to these painful jobs. I have whitnessed sores and cuts from the saddles rubbing on their skin whilst these ignorant mothers continue to fund their abusers. 

Its time we take a stand and stop ignoring this problem. 

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