Acknowledge the life & achievements of Keith Harris in the form of a statue in Blackpool

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A national treasure and nostalgic image of many people's childhoods, Keith Harris was a traditional family entertainer who created original, well known, puppet characters that are still instantly recognisable and loved today. Keith lived, performed and died in Blackpool and I believe that his life, career and contributions to the entertainment industry should be acknowledged and celebrated by his home town.

With a career spanning decades, Keith had success with his own T.V shows and released a single that sold 400,000 copies and went to number 4 in the UK charts. He performed at Prince William and Prince Harry's birthday parties and starred at the London Palladium for two seasons.

Keith continued to work in theatres throughout his career and wrote, directed and stared in many pantomimes. He currently holds the record for the most seats sold in a summer season at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool.

Keith continued to work hard and reach out to audiences of different ages whilst still managing to adapt and change with popular culture. He went on to win the reality T.V show "The Farm" in 2005 and also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012 and Pointless Celebrities in 2013. Keith and Orville were also the faces of many T.V advertising campaigns.

Keith Harris was a hard working, entertainer who stood for good, clean, family entertainment which is the backbone of the traditional British seaside holiday.

On a more personal note, I was fortunate enough to meet Keith a number of times as a child and then later as an adult and I found him to be a humble, down to earth man who just loved to make people smile.

For these reasons I felt passionate enough to start this petition to give Keith Harris the recognition he deserves. Eric Morecambe was honoured for his achievements with a statue that is currently rated number 1 on the Trip Advisor list of things to do and see in Morcambe. Let's do the same for Keith.

Thank you for reading my petition.