Petition Closed is a scam project. We want them give us 50 BTB back, reclaim justice for user.

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When you try to scam the people and your project will die, yakov and your team Grin. You can not hide the truth Roll Eyes. Everyone knew it Roll Eyes. Use your real account to face me Grin. Are you scare the truth? Wink. I will fight to defend the truth. You can not scam the people anymore. I will warn them about this toxic project Grin.
I have had full of evidence about you promised to give the people 50 BTB after registration Roll Eyes. But you burned all their coin after ICO. How dare you scam like that? Shocked.

I do not believe in them from beginning. So I keep an evidence about their commit. Today I knew they scam the people. I am not alone.
They gave us 50 BTB in our account. Before ICO happen, They promised we can withdraw 50 BTB after ICO ending. But Today they burned all of them. My BTB is ZERO now.

a message that they sent me today,
Dear Users,
Some of you starting to talk negative on social media or forums about us that we are scam, mostly regarding that the free 50 BTBc were removed from accounts that didn't purchased at least 200 worth of Tokens or BTBc from exchanger, the rule for that was since the start and the lending starting plan caused the free BTBc to be removed so people that purchasing low amounts of BTBc can also sell as before they couldn't because they wouldn't have at least 200 bought.

I sign up at this project beginning. There is no a rule that you must buy at least 200 BTB. They put a new rule after ICO ending to steal ALL BTB they give us.


There is nothing good for man like fulfilling his words, but it's quite unfortunate for BTBc Admin, not to have fulfilled their promise.

We know that there are greedy people which they will want to create many account because of the free gift, but what of those that really advertise the project to friends and family and yet, all their free coins has been wiped out.

If you know you are not capable enough to do something, do not promise what you know you can not fulfill, now you promise to give 50 free BTBc, agreed that you have stated it clearly that if there is any suspicion of referral scheme, their bonus will be forfeited.

But in a condition whereby there is nothing like fraudulent referral scheme, and the person really work hard to advertise your project and got many referral, and yet you wiped out all the bonuses as well, Isn't that unfair?

Like me now, I really work hard to advertise this project to people in which many of them bought the ones they could afford to buy, but not up to 200 BTBc, am sure you know that not everybody could afford to buy up to that amount, but because you don't have it in mind giving out free BTBc that was why you implement such condition.

For better record & reputation for BTBc community, I think your action taken should be revisited and considered.

Please give us your energy now. We want to reclaim justice for everyone. What are you waiting for?. They can not hide the truth that they scam the people about this project. We just follow the truth. Everybody! lend me your energy now. We must defend justice and the truth.


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