Raise alloted 30 min time to 45 min at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium

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Birmingham city Council Crematorium only allow 30 minutes for families and friends to say goodbye to their loved ones.
This is an unrealistic amount of time to allow a dignified and unhurried service to be given.

Birmingham City Council need to raise the allotted time given to At least 45 minutes.

Personal story
My Husband was Murdered on 27th July 2018.I
He was just going to the pub for the last pint As he had done for the last 20 years, sadly he never got there. He was involved in a completely unprovoked, random attack on the street just minutes away from his home and family.
As you can imagine we family, friends and the community are deeply shocked and devastated.
My Husbands funeral was held at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium on 24th August at 3.30pm This was the last service of the day!
Birmingham City Council Have issued me with a fine as they say the service over ran.
My Husbands late Committal was due to the sheer amount of mourners paying their personal respects to my Husband.
This did not infringe or affect any other bereaved families.
I am asking for your support by signing this petition so that no other family has to suffer added pain and distress at the most traumatic time in their lives.