Birmingham City Council to protect graves of our loved ones

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Over the last few months, we have started to see an increase in the number of occurrences where flooding is impacting the graves of loved ones resting at Handsworth Cemetery.

This has been raised to the Cemetery Office, and Birmingham City Council, and has fallen on deaf ears. Assurances have previously been made, yet, again, over the weekend of 3rd and 4th October, multiple graves were flooded, leading to some subsiding, and the families being hurt. 

This isn't a lot we're asking for- when families pay in excess of £3,000 for their loved ones to be laid to rest, the least we can expect the Council to do is to care for the graves, and to conduct preventative maintenance. Fobbing off isn't acceptable, suitable action is.

With the council's response being slow, and incompetent at best, families, and volunteers are taking the responsibility to fix these graves, but are only permitted to be there during the restricted visiting hours which just isn't enough.

Please join this petition, and sign to help either your loved ones resting at Handsworth, or the families in distress whose loved ones are at Handsworth whose graves continue to be flooded.