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Rename Pelicans to "Flying Sea Chickens"

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Over the years people have observed the Pelican species and miss-named this Flying Animal. Scientist have found that a pelican more resembles a Chicken than a bird True fact. This is an injustices that has affected many people such as Skeet, Elon Musk and The President of the Domestic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila.

CERN the massive European research Company which study the basic constituents of matter, believe in the course because they know that the name Pelican is a descrace to all Flying sea Chicken, they have donated over seven point eight million to help the cause and get this petitions out. We need over thirty thousand signatures to get this name changed I hope other company will donate and help our cause.

We have three owners of this Petitions who had horrific back story here are our backstory.

Wade - When I was a little boy my dad would take me fishing at some of the best known Australian rivers, we would have so much fun but on our twelve trip he got attacked by a flying sea chicken (Pelican) while this bird beat my dad down while he was screaming and yelling I started to observer how he attacked, After this while the Pelican was eating my dads arm I watched how it ate my dads flesh. Once he reached his head I knew that this creature is not a bad bird its a magnificent animals and i must help it. I knew it was angry about something, it took many years and know I am fifty teen and i have found out that my dad called it a Pelican and that when it attacked meaning it does not like its name. So I'm hear to change that and help all Flying Sea Chickens every where.

Matthew -  When I was young something terrible happened. One day my father referred to a Flying Sea Chicken as a "Pelican" and this is the one mistake he will regret for the rest of his life. After finishing what he had said a Flying Sea Chicken instantly swooped down and murdered my brothers, my sisters, and my mother. For some reason though the Flying Sea Chicken did not murder me or my father. I was spared either to give my father some hope that would eventually be taken or the Flying Sea Chicken knew I would respect their true name.

To this day nothing terrible has happened to me. Whenever something terrible is going to happen to me though I see a Flying Sea Chicken at the corner of my view. Due to my respect for Flying Sea Chickens I am able to live a happy life, I was able to come back from that traumatic event. Back to my father, after that event he always referred to a Flying Sea Chicken as a "Flying Sea Chicken" he tells me that he does this because my first words were "Flying Sea Chicken". Maybe that's what saved me.

Thomas -  When I was about thirty six years of age, Me and my wife has about seventy-two children and they were all hidden in a cave under his house, but one night a pelican came flying across and he pointed out to his wife, the pelican then got mad by being called a Pelican so it flew down eating his wife. MarIon mean Thomas watched while it ate his wife Thomas ran to the babies and saw that they were all gone except for one little egg. This was a sad day for Thomas. After that Thomas watched the eggs but when it came out it was a deformed child. And Thomas named it Nemo. After many years Nemo grew up and then when he went to school for the first day. Nemo became a rebel and went to touch a pelican. Thomas was very angry at this and Nemo was taken by the pelican. Thomas then set of trying to find his deformed child. Thomas encounter a not very smart person named Thomas. Thomas has short time memory loss. Thomas and Thomas then set of encounters sharks, jellyfish and many other dangers to find his lost son which was taken by the pelican. While Thomas was finding Nemo, Nemo was in a Pelican's nest with many other People they wanted to help Nemo escape and find his dad. They fought and fought until they hoped into plastic bags in an epic escape and rolled into the harbor away from the 4 year old Pelican which was going to kill Nemo. In the End Nemo and Thomas and Thomas meet up at the Australian harbor and all go home and life a good life, But Thomas still widows over his dead wife and his dead seventy one children.

Jack - So my mate here Jack was just going to get some supplies for the family business, he was with his dad, his pet flying sea chicken and himself obviously. Now the thing is he had a pet flying sea chicken which was actually one of the nicest ones to ever exist so how could this possibly go wrong at all? But the thing was the people who he was going to collect the supplies off were a little sketchy and there was just something weird about them. So Jack’s dad said the the flying sea chicken, “just say your name is pelican? Ok just so they don’t suspect you of being anyone else”. But the flying sea chicken didn't like that name at all and got super triggered, so when the buyers asked what the name of the pelican was he said “my name flying sea chicken.” and then he started to attack everyone killing everyone in the meet up, except Jack, why? Because Jack always called him by his real name and loved him very much. Now Jack has to live without his dad because people don’t understand that flying sea chicken care about their identity too.  

To Satisfy their upset and to help all Pelicans everywhere we demand that the names of Pelicans be changed to Flying Sea Chickens.'

I have a dream that my four little children, Thomas, Matthew, Jack and Big Shaq will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged if they have wings, but by the content of their character. I have a dream that one day I will be able to walk outside and go and handshake a Flying Sea Chicken and will be able to have dinner together, because they wont be angry.  I Have A Dream! That will all be able to hold hands and overcome all hatred between Flying Sea Chickens and Humans.

If you Sign these petitions this will help us get over the death of our loved ones :.(

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