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Alternate Ending For Mass Effect 3 DLC

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We can all say we either liked or loved Mass Effect 3, but did anyone like the ending? No? Why is that...oh right, because it sucked. It was a downer ending. It was a non-nonsensical ending. It did not leave the player feeling both accomplished and uplifted. It gave the illusion of choice, where really, you were forced to kill Shepard, destroy the Mass relays, strand the Normandy's crew on random jungle planet in a crash that should have killed Joker, but for some reason left perfectly fine.

What we want:
1. Shepard lives. If there was a love interest, we see them start a family and grow old together.
2. The Mass Relays are Intact, as well as the Citadel.
3. An option to kill the reapers without killing EDI and the Geth.
4. The Normandy. Survives and doesn't Crash. No more people die.
5. The Citadel isn't sentient and is not a child. It is completely incongruous with the plot of the original Mass Effect, and the child-avatar so trite.

We've worked towards the goal of killing them for the past 3 games. We shouldn't have to sacrifice anything more to watch the reapers die. Games are suppose to be uplifting and inspirational. They should touch our hearts and inspire us to be better people. That was what the Mass Effect series was, up until the last 20 minutes. We've earned a good end, it's time for some payoff.

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