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Don't allow Tasmanian Blueberry Farms to die!

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The introduction of Blueberry Rust into Tasmania has major ramifications for all organic Blueberry producers in the state.  One grower (not Tasmanian) has determined their own reaction to this killer virus, they maintain they can "manage" Blueberry Rust.  Management of a wind borne virus is not possible as you would need to manage nature itself and stop the wind from blowing.

This virus is dangerous and would only be kept from infecting other farms by the eradication of the infected plants.

The Tasmanian Blueberry industry has a reputation as does all Tasmanian produce of being clean, green and pristine.  This image will be shattered if all growers are forced to spray because one Mainland company doesn't want to conform to best practice and destroy their infected plants.

The virus has now spread to four farms and will only spread further if not stopped by eradication methods.

The Tasmanian Blueberry industry is not huge but there are families relying on on their fruit to keep a roof over their heads and feed their children.  Why is the Tasmanian Government not doing all it can? 

The solution is simple eradicate the infected plants and do not allow the import of plant materials into the state.  There are enough plants in Tasmania to start and maintain a nursery population of our own, so that Blueberry plants need never be imported.

The Tasmanian Government banned the import of Salmon products some years ago for the very same reason, it may have destroyed the Salmon industry.  Why are Blueberry Farmers any less important to this state?

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